Anatomy of a Perfect Party Favor

Favors are a delightful way to thank your guests for attending your event and to provide a momento of the celebration. But choosing a favor that your guests will love can be challenging. Check out our tips for selecting the perfect token of gratitude and cheer.

1. Choose something useful: How many times have you come home from an event, tossed the favor down with your keys and purse where it eventually makes it's way into a closet or drawer, only to be seen again during spring cleaning or on moving day? Choose an item your guests can use in their homes or for themselves and you'll truly be giving them a present instead of clutter.

2. Capture the spirit of the event: Wedding on top of a mountain or black-tie party in a converted bank vault? Over-the-top florals or a to-die-for cake? Choose a favor worthy of the celebration and your guests will remember the night whenever they use it.

3. Make it personal: For weddings, baby showers, and other family events, a personal touch is key. That may mean inscribing your names and wedding date, adding a stunning photo, or including a local touch as a nod to where you met or married.

4. Keep it simple: Don't give your guests the opportunity to forget their favors on the dinner table or leave it behind in a late-night Uber. Consider sending your favors (perhaps along with your thank you notes) after the event to ensure that they receive your gift and delight them with a little surprise in the mailbox. (This also eliminates any awkward signage needed during the event if your favors are meant to be one per couple or family).


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