DIY Arrangement: Pre-Made Bouquets & Bud Vases

Amy Darling

One of my favorite ways to arrange cut flowers is by placing them in multiple small vases or jars and either clustering them together on a large table or spreading them throughout a room.
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to turn a couple of pre-made market bouquets into a stunning display.
SUPPLIES: Scissors or Garden Shears | Flower Food | Large Vase or Mason Jar | Assorted small bud vases, bottles, or jars.
FLOWERS: We used a monochromatic bouquet of assorted pink flowers plus a bouquet of hot pink carnations to create an cohesive, elevated look.
STEP 1: Unwrap your flowers from any packaging materials. Set the flower food aside (if it came with the bunch).
STEP 2: Cut off 1/2 inch or so from the bottom of each stem and remove any leaves that will be below the water line when you put them into your vase.
STEP 3: Fill your large vase with warm water and add a packet of flower food. Pour the treated water (through a funnel if you prefer to avoid spillage) into your bud vases and small bottles.
STEP 1: Choose your centerpiece container. Here, we used the teal bud vase, which fit 2 ALSTROMERIA stems and 1 SPRAY ROSE stem. 
STEP 2: Place 4-5 stems of one flower type in any wide-mouth containers. Here, we used 5 CARNATIONS in each of the white hobnail jars. I cut the stems so that the flower heads are just resting on the lip of the jar.
STEP 3: Take your remaining jars and fill with one or multiple stems, depending on the opening size.
For this arrangement, we had 1 large ROSE and 1 GERBERA DAISY, so I placed each one into a clear glass recycled bottle.
I also wanted to add some height so I placed one stem each of LARKSPUR into each of the white bud vases.
NOTES: Have fun making this! Pick a pretty bouquet and use what comes in it to make a display that makes you happy. There is really no wrong way to do it. For vases, use anything you have around the house. Mason jars, tea cups, and shot glasses all make adorable flower holders.
Did you try this tutorial? Share your photos with us!

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