DIY Arrangement: Sunflowers + Alstroemeria + Carnations

I was so excited to see mini Sunflowers while I was walking through the market yesterday. These beauties are strong and bright and I think it's pretty much impossible not to smile when you see them.
I grabbed the sunflowers and a couple of other blooms that should be easy to find and laid out a quick tutorial below so you can make a beautiful arrangement yourself for your dining table or desk.
Follow along with this tutorial to turn your market finds into a beautiful arrangement in just a few minutes. (And be sure to share your photos in the comments if you try it!)
SUPPLIES: Scissors or Garden Shears | Rubber Band | Flower Food | Vase or Mason Jar
STEP 1: Unwrap your flowers from any packaging materials. Set the flower food aside (if it came with the bunch).
STEP 2: Cut off 1/2 inch or so from the bottom of each stem and remove any leaves that will be below the water line when you put them into your vase.
STEP 3: Fill your vase with warm water and add a packet of flower food.
STEP 1: Lay 4-6 Alstromeria stems flat on a clean surface.
STEP 2: Place 3-4 stems of MINI CARNATIONS on top of the ALSTROEMERIA, with the CARNATION blooms sitting just below the ALSTRO petals.
STEP 3: Place 3 MINI SUNFLOWERS on top of the CARNATIONS, again with the blooms just below the CARNATION flowers.
STEP 4: Fill in empty spaces with your leftover CARNATIONS. I like to add a couple of carnations peeking out the sides.
STEP 5: Add 2 more SUNFLOWERS below and between the other SUNFLOWERS.
STEP 6: Carefully pick up the whole bunch, squeezing the stems together with your hand. Secure with a rubber band.
STEP 7: Trim the bottom of all of the stems to make them even and place in your vase (you may need to trim a couple of times to get the to the proper height for your vase).
And voila! You've got a simple, beautiful arrangement that will brighten up your home or office!

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