From Rescued Wedding Flowers to Gifts that Wow.

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Step 01


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Step 02


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Step 03




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The consultation

Getting to Know Your Flowers

All flowers are different. So we start by collecting some information about your wedding flowers so we can help craft the perfect options for you.

Consultation with Our Lead Stemtender

Our founder, Amy Darling, will then arrange a time to meet you to discuss the gifts your rescued flowers can become and get all the details we need to wow your guests.



The Magic

The Collection

Flowers are delicate. So just as the dance floor is emptying as your reception draws to a close we will arrive to collect and carefully package your flowers for transport to our flower studio.

Your Flowers Transformed

The Paper Bag Flower studio comes to life as our Stemtenders get to work turning your flowers into the gifts you’ve selected for your guests (and maybe for yourself!).


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The delivery

A Small Note with Big Impact

Our Stemtenders gently pack your gifts into their stunning gift boxes, and carefully place into each box a personal note from you to each recipient.

The Wow Moment

The gifts are shipped to your recipients. They arrive home to find a box of unusual beauty sitting there for their attention. And as the box is opened, your flowers blossom once more.


Let’s chat.

You have amazing wedding flowers. Let’s rescue them together and turn them into beautiful products for you and gifts your guests will never forget.